Camo Bodega Bag

Camo Bodega Bag

75.00 125.00

This Bag Is A+!!

This Baby Is LITERALLY The Bag You’ve Seen Boppin Round Town!

She’s Even Been To LA.

Why is it on sale you ask?

Welp, We’ve changed our name and It’s got the old Saint Catello tag sewn in…

Is That It?

YEP. Das It.

just like our OG Bodega but a bit more casual.

bodega shopper wristlet. 

100% light weight printed calf skin

inside and outside pocket.


5.5" drop

made in brooklyn new york usa

Part of the Tessellation Patterns. Conserving Leather and Reducing Waste.


*** Camo Bodega Bag Ships 4 days after your order is recieved***

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